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(pronounced Jo-ray) is a spiritual energy healing that does not require physical contact.

Johrei brings universal life energy into focus in a specific way and is administered through a non-contact exchange. 

This purifying energy affects spirit, mind, emotions and body for the enhancement of our spiritual consciousness and our physical well-being.


       "Hikari" - Symbol of Light


You may view Johrei as a simple transfer of universal energy to benefit you.  A typical Johrei session lasts about 20 minutes.  You will sit facing the person sharing this energy and before beginning, this individual will say a quiet prayer for guidance.

You need not think about anything special during Johrei; however, it helps to maintain a quiet mind if possible, visualizing the light as you receive it for your benefit.  You may wish to pray at this time to align yourself spiritually and to center yourself.

There is no physical contact during Johrei.  The transfer will take place from the hands of the giver.  You will receive the “light” in the energy centers in your body, which are called vital points in Johrei.  They act as distribution centers for the spiritual and physical bodies.  You may feel warmth, tingling or some other sensation, or you may simply feel a sense of spreading relaxation or peacefulness.  Generally, Johrei is given in silence, but if you have a question or concern during your first session, please feel free to ask.

After several minutes, you will be asked to turn around in order to focus the energy toward your back.  A Johrei giver will not diagnose illness nor recommend changes in medication.  If you have questions regarding these matters, ask the center head to explain our spiritual practice.

When the session is over, you will be asked to turn around.  Johrei is ended with a silent prayer.  You may do the same or sit quietly and assess your feelings.  You are invited to ask questions and to receive Johrei anytime in the future.    

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home about us johrei sangetsu flower arranging nature farming contact us
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